Auditorías remotas de los ANS durante el COVID-19

WebEx,  1 December 2020

Within the Framework of the EU LAC APP project funded by the European Union and implemented by EASA, a webinar on the topic of “Remote ANS audits during COVID” was held on 1 December 2020.

The webinar was conducted by Manuel Rivas Vila, EASA Section Manager - ATM Oversight, with the support from the EU LAC APP team. A presentation of the ICAO perspective was provided by Eddian Noguel Méndez Ramos, ICAO ATM/SAR Regional Officer in ICAO Mexico.


The webinar was very successful with participation of more than 80 project partners from the following countries / organizations:  COCESNA, ACNA COCESNA, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, ICAO, Mexico, Panama, Peru, SRVSOP, Uruguay, Venezuela. The participants were actively asking questions and appreciated the sharing of experiences, the clear concepts, and the timeliness and usefulness of the information provided.



WebEx guidelines in English

WebEx guidelines in Spanish


La experiencia de EASA en las auditorias remotas de los ANS (Manuel RIVAS, Manager Sección de Supervisión ATM de EASA)

La perspectiva de la OACI/NACC (Eddian MENDEZ, Oficial Regional, ATM/SAR, OACI NACC)

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