EU-Latin America Cooperation on Civil Aviation (EU-LAC)

In December 2017 EASA signed a contract with the European Commission to manage an EU Aviation Project for the cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean on Civil Aviation.

In line with the Europe 2020 strategy and the European Commission’s Aviation Strategy for Europe[1], this project will develop and support European and Latin America interests in Civil Aviation, with a focus on RSOOs such as ACSA, CASSOS, SRVSOP and the following countries - Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico - by strengthening institutional links, promoting regulatory harmonisation, addressing capacity limitations and supporting environmental protection and climate action.

[1] An Aviation Strategy for Europe, COM(2015) 598 final of 07.12.2015

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About EU-LAC


The project is funded by the European Union 

and implemented by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency